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Businesses in the production and sales of automotive and other vehicles will have a yet greater role in this Internet of Things era, as technology allows businesses to connect consumers, users and employees, linking in-vehicle equipment with data networks, both for use in business and daily life. AIS offers M2M (machine-to-machine) technology and services to meet the needs of businesses in this industry.

In recent times, technology has taken on an increasingly important role in everyday life, and this is also the case in the automotive production and distribution industries. With current technology tending towards universal connectivity, also known as the Internet of Things, automotive businesses are now able to connect directly with vehicle users, and can also benefit from continuous access to business data and other relevant information about their customers' daily activities.
AIS is utilizing M2M technology to respond to new demands in the automotive industry, such as Smart Tracking systems to monitor vehicle location and vehicle condition; Mobile Digital Video Recorder (DVR) systems for collecting and exchanging in-vehicle videos; and M2M Platform systems for connecting to Mobility. These are the new technology trends that give us a taste of the future, through mobile networks such as Connected Vehicle.
For marketing tools to access target customer groups, AIS continues to offer SMS/MMS services for disseminating product and service information and sales promotions, including systems for alerting customers to vehicle maintenance issues via scheduled SMS or Voice Calls (from the Call Center), or even for delivering emergency services.
Additionally, AIS continues to provide line rental services to connect multiple office sites, such as headquarters, vehicle dealers, factories and custom-build producers, thus increasing communications efficiency between each location, and helping to reduce business costs and increase customer satisfaction.