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In this day and age, information and communications technology play a vital part in supporting teaching and learning, as well research as development for greater success, allowing every group of individuals related to the educational process the opportunity to access educational services from anywhere and at any time.

In this day and age, information and communication technology play a vital role in the support of teaching and learning, as well as making it easier to gain benefits from research and development. Communications between educational institutions, parents, students, etc., is a major factor in driving academic progress forward, allowing every group at every level of the learning process to receive educational services at any time, from anywhere.
AIS offers a variety of service options for enhanced communications, such as an SMS notification system to send important information out to students or parents via the Smart Messaging service, or the Mobile PBX Service which allows mobile devices to be used as virtual office phones and to manage phone answer/transfer services via extension numbers automatically without the additional costs of purchasing and maintaining a traditional PBX.
Under the service, AIS is your high-speed corporate internet provider in order to meet the teaching and learning and various online service needs of students and learners, providing them with stable connection and services. AIS offers a wide variety of communications technology to suit the specific speed and administrative requirements of each educational institution. These include, for example, fiber optic cables, coaxial cables or Wi-Fi, as well leased lines for connections between various school branches and campuses, with the nationwide AIS network service and coverage using high-quality technology of international standards, including TDM and MPLS, etc.