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A government’s public services require stability in order to serve the general public and various organizations effectively.

The provision of reliable public and community services, whether to individual citizens or other authorities, is as an important and necessary duty of a stable state sector, especially during an era in which modern technology is increasingly applied to governmental activities.
AIS has therefore selected specific services to meet the new demands of the state sector, such as network services to connect different agencies, offices and branches via the internet; Mobile Machine to Machine (M2M) services to connect multiple devices within a single network via special SIM cards; or various measures to help save time and travel costs, and improve communications between different networks and departments throughout the country.
Additionally, AIS continues to provide services to support state sector communications, such as Messaging services for disseminating information to the public, and also call center networking services such as Corporate Connect and Corporate Fixed Line, which can help in significantly reducing the costs incurred in the delivery of public services. Moreover, AIS continues to provide services aimed at increasing data security, such as Enterprise Mobility Management, Mobile Device Management (MDM), and other Mobile Security Applications, which allow the state sector to manage important and sensitive data more effectively.