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Greater attention to personal health and well-being is a trend that has steadily grown in popularity, and supplementary technology, including mobile applications and wearable devices, continue to be developed and utilized in this field. Connections for health-oriented services therefore require continuous improvement of data transmission and communications between service users and service providers.

Today's new mHealth trend is no longer a distant phenomenon, and it is set to become even more popular as times goes by. With technology such as mobile applications and wearable devices being developed and widely accepted as healthcare tools, mHealth services will increasingly require continuous data sharing between both service users and service providers.
Additionally, AIS continues to offer basic communications services, such as Corporate Connect and Fixed Line, for connecting regular telephone lines with call center services,

and for sending out SMS alerts of upcoming appointments to service users. Corporate Connect and Fixed Line can also be used to publicize healthcare products and services more generally, including via high-speed Corporate Internet services, bringing greater convenience to service users across multiple medical facilities and sites.