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Creating a positive impression on customers via the convenience and availability of travel and tourist services will lead to a steady increase in revenue generation as well as long-term business recognition and visibility. A service upon which tourism industry customers place high priority is that of internet use and the ability to search for information on travel destinations.

If we ask what lies at the heart of service industries such as tourism and hospitality, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that "customers must feel a high level of satisfaction with the service provided." In this era of mass information, the development of new communication channels and new technologies has made tourist information readily and easily accessible at just the touch of a button. Just a simple internet search can now present users with an array of tourist information. This is something that customers not only appreciate but have come to expect.
AIS, therefore, offers Burstable Bandwidth high-speed internet services for businesses that experience seasonable spikes in web traffic, with charges based on actual service usage. Burstable Bandwidth also comes complete with WiFi Solution services.
In addition, AIS continues to offer Mobile Cloud Application technologies, such as the iButler service, which is designed to respond to the specific demands of the hotel services industry. iButler helps to save time in delivering in-hotel services, offering an added convenience for guests and customers. Such technology can also help to significantly improve the image of your hotel, by using the latest technology to impress guests and add a world-class touch to your services. Not least, with high-quality services comes more positive reviews, helping to ensure long-term profitability.
For general communications services, AIS offers specialized services for frequent caller groups; messaging services for sending news updates to service users; fixed line services; and Mobile Private Branch Exchange (MPBX) services, perfect for businesses in the tourist industry looking to save money by cutting down on their branches or internal office telephone systems.