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Production efficiency is the most important factor for businesses in the manufacturing industry. AIS therefore provides telecommunications services which can increase efficiency and reduce costs in your business operations.

With cost-effective productivity being a key issue for many businesses in the manufacturing industry, AIS offers telecommunications services that can help to increase production efficiency and reduce operating costs at your business: from regular group call telephone services for reducing internal communications costs, to communications networks and Corporate Internet services for connecting offices with production sites.
AIS also offers Mobile Cloud Application services for companies which require shipping services for their customers. Mobile Pro Delivery, for example, is designed to enable more effective management of dispatch teams and route-planning, and it gets customers directly involved in quality control via their own devices.
Additionally, AIS continues to offer many other Mobile Cloud Application services, such as eCatalog, for presenting products to customers, or Enterprise Mobility Management, for maintaining internal data security. If your customers are interested in using Cloud Infrastructure, or Co-location at the AIS Data Center, they too should consider consulting AIS for these services.