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System Integrator (SI)

AIS provides basic telecommunications services for system integrators which can then be combined with your own systems integration services for greater work efficiency or for the delivery of services to customers using the high-quality AIS network.

AIS offers a range of services to meet System Integrators’ requirement, either in terms of system efficiency or total service delivery to end-customer via the AIS network. For example, AIS offers high-speed leased line services for both domestic and international use, with speeds suited to any businesses, from 512 Kbps - 10 Gbps, through widely recognized TDM and MPLS networks. And as AIS network covers nationwide usage, enterprise system can run efficiently.
Co-location services at the AIS Data Center, complying with Tier-4 international standards, together with internet service, reserved power systems, cooling and humidity control, 24-hour security maintenance, and CCTV system enable your enterprise to save costs both on installing and maintaining the computer network systems. Currently AIS has 2 Data Centers securely located in Pathum-Thani and Chachoengsao province, which connect directly with AIS network infrastructure including the NIX and IIG, ensuring that user’s service can connect to the internet effectively.
Corporate Fixed Line services connect your company telephone system directly to AIS network, allowing you to save on outbound calls to both mobiles and landlines. With a special rate, these services are suitable for any business that makes frequent calls to either mobiles or landlines.
Additionally, AIS continues to provide Mobile Machine to Machine (M2M) SIM service, specially configured wholesales SIM used for various devices e.g. EDC (credit card swipe machine), vehicle tracking device. Employing internet package in SIM card, the tracking/ monitoring information would be sent in real-time from devices to company’s application server over AIS nationwide network.
Mobile Messaging services, such as SMS, MMS, USSD and others, help to improve communications efficiency by connecting directly with either customers, staff, or both. With the help of the AIS national network, such messages can be delivered quickly and easily through either One-Way Communication or Two-Way Communication channels. These technologies can also be applied to support certain marketing activities.