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AIS offers basic telecommunications services to telecommunications service providers to help create your own network infrastructure, or to provide a backup infrastructure and additional services to customers.

AIS offers a range of basic telecommunications services for telecommunications service providers. These services include building the basic network infrastructure to service their own internal requirements, or to be used as a reserve infrastructure for providing services to their own subscribers. For example, AIS offers high-speed network rental services for both domestic and overseas use, providing fast-paced data sharing to meet the demands of any business type. Ranging from 512 Kbps - 10 Gbps, and delivered via TDM and MLPS networks, these high-quality technologies are already widely used and can be delivered to most locations via the AIS network.
Internet services such as National Internet Exchange (NIX) or International Internet Gateway (IIG) connect users directly to national ISPs, enabling efficient and high-speed access to domestic online content, while also reducing costs. AIS also continues to provide post-sale services through a team of experts with over 20 years of experience in telecommunications co-location services at the AIS Data Center (which conform to international standards).
AIS also offers internet systems; reserve power systems with cooling and humidity control; 24-hour security maintenance; and CCTV systems, enabling service users to save costs on installing and securing their own computer network systems. AIS Data Center services are located at the AIS Suvarnabhumi switchboard, which connects directly with the IIG, ensuring that service users can connect to the internet quickly and efficiently.
Corporate Connect and Fixed Line services connect your company telephone system directly to the AIS network, allowing your company to save on outbound calls to both mobiles and landlines. With a special rate, these services are suitable for any business that makes frequent calls to either mobiles or landlines. Additionally, AIS continues to offer Mobile Machine to Machine (M2M) SIM, a service of AIS Wholesale SIM, with special properties suitable for real-time position tracking and vehicle monitoring devices. These technologies come complete with a Data Package via the AIS mobile network - the most extensive in Thailand. Also via the AIS Data Network, AIS works with service providers who provide real-time vehicle location tracking services for sharing data via Application Servers.
Mobile Messaging services, such as SMS, MMS, USSD and others allow companies to share information on products and services directly with customers and/or staff simultaneously. These messaging services are delivered via the AIS network - the most extensive mobile network in Thailand - for fast, convenient, and effective One-Way or Two-Way Communication.