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Accuracy in product delivery and transfer, reduction of transportation costs, safety, the quality inspection of your team—all these and more are important factors in the success of transportation businesses.

Success in the logistics business is built on faultless delivery, reducing transport costs, quality control both in terms of driver and vehicle safety, including delivery quality monitoring. All of these key activities require effective management in order to achieve success.
AIS provides a range of in-vehicle services that allow you to connect customers, drivers and staff together. AIS Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology, such as Smart Tracking, is designed to respond to the challenges of safety and quality control through close monitoring of both vehicle position and status. AIS also provides Mobile DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for real-time in-vehicle video recording and sending.
For controlling delivery service quality, AIS provides Mobile Pro Delivery, one of our mobile cloud application technology, for delivering goods/ services to your customers. It is multi-functional tools for managing delivery teams, planning delivery route and verifying delivery quality.

Additionally, for logistics business, AIS continues to provide special in-group phone calling service between your company office and delivery teams to reduce your cost. Various enterprise data services such as Leased line, Corporate Internet can be deployed to connect your multi-offices together and with the internet effectively, both in terms of cost and your customer satisfaction