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AIS Mobile Pro Delivery



Mobile Pro Delivery is a comprehensive management service designed to meet the growing needs of the transportation business throughout the country. This service helps to reduce costs by managing transportation routes, and enhances the potential for business competitiveness in real time via smartphone or tablet. The service is also available for immediate use via the AIS BizCloud, without the need for any extra investment in system installation and with the added bonus of saving on maintenance costs.

Service Features
01 Efficient management of transportation routes using the GPS monitoring system.
02 180-day history of vehicle routes available for review.
03 Enables tasks to be assigned and work to be managed immediately (in real time).
04 Provides proof of delivery (POD) with evidence of receipt in the form of signatures or photographs.
05 Travel route and traffic information.
06 Allows you to check the speed rate while driving.
Benefits for businesses
  • Increased efficiency in transportation with travel route management via the GPS monitoring system.
  • Greater convenience in work with the ability to promptly delegate tasks and manage operations via the application.
  • Increased customer confidence with the ability to check delivery and evidence of receipt using signatures or photographs.
  • Reduces travel costs with advance route and traffic information.
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