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Bulk MMS is a messaging service that delivers photos, videos and audio messages conveniently and quickly to a large number of target users at once. The Bulk MMS service is very easy to use and great for sharing campaigns, promotions and competitions.

Service Features
01 Deliver MMS to a large number of target users at the same time
02 Deliver a variety of media, including photos, videos, audio messages or even very long texts
03 Connect to your database for automatic delivery
Case Example


  •  Send out questionnaires, surveys and images for market analysis
    Send out information to target customers
    Send out marketing activities, such as competitions, discount coupons (M-Coupons)
    Promote customer relationship management
    Send out invitations to activities
Benefits for businesses
  • Deliver photos, videos and audio messages
  • Reduce your communication expenses
  • Convenient and time-saving means of communication
  • Send information direct to a large number of target users at once
  • Convenient marketing channel that helps generate revenue and improve public relations
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