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The AIS Call Conference service enables you to schedule meetings anytime, anywhere. By supporting meeting participation via both mobile and office phones, the service allows for increased efficiency and flexibility in your organization’s work performance.

The AIS Call Conference system has been specifically designed to be straightforward and easy to use, both for examining and booking meeting rooms. Both of these options can be performed easily via the website. Once a meeting is booked, the system will also promptly send a corresponding SMS or email informing all attendees of the meeting details and particulars. Able to accommodate meetings of up to 120 people, this greatly reduces the time, expense and complications of contacting every attendee individually.

Service Features
01 Meeting/conference room reservation can be made via the website
02 Alerts and information sent to all meeting/conference attendees via SMS and/or email
03 PIN authentication provides meeting/conference security
04 Supports meetings ranging from between 2 to 120 people
05 Includes automatic dial-out to meeting/conference participants (for phone numbers within Thailand)
06 Allows attendees to dial in and join the meeting/conference (for both local and international phone numbers)
07 Provides a monitoring system during the meeting/conference  
08 Provides both a usage report and a minutes-remaining report, for convenience in meeting and time management
09 Supports both one-way and interactive conference sessions
Case Example
    Companies with branches or franchises throughout the country can organize conferences to summarize important business matters on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

    Companies can organize meetings with business partners and affiliates in various provinces using the dial-out system (whereby partners/affiliates do not have to incur the cost of the phone call).
Benefits for businesses
  • Enhanced efficiency in communication both internally and with corporate partners and affiliates.
  • Increased convenience for conference/meeting participation from outside the office. Participants can attend meetings via their own mobile devices from wherever they are.
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