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AIS Web Conference is an online meeting service that operates over an internet network. The service not only includes verbal communication, but also provides visual conferencing. The service also includes the option of making file presentations to all meeting attendees simultaneously as well as the ability to share files with the attendees as well. Participant access is easy and convenient via the website at or via a program which users can download and install on their own computers.


Service Features
01  Enables document Sharing
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint (Office 2003, 2007, 2010)
  • Flash, PDF, and other various image file formats
  • Video/audio files
  • Co-Web Browsing)
  • 02 Incorporates sharing or remote desktop sharing capabilities for meeting attendees
    03 Supports secondary cameras and monitors for image display
    04 Includes a service for polling/voting in meetings(Polling)
    05 Provides a File Transfer system for all meeting attendees
    06 Allows meetings to be recorded, in both audio and video formats
    07 Features a security system requiring entry of a code before allowing access to the meeting 
    08 Provides access via multiple channels, including software, the web, and invitation via email link
    09 Supports multiple meeting/conference options and perspectives
    Case Example
      Company meetings can be held, even when some members are not in the office.

      Companies can present product details to customers for increased sale opportunities.

      Companies can offer advice to their customers on a variety of topics regarding goods purchased,
      such as how to use the products, problem solving, etc.

      Schools can have classes taught by guest lecturers even if they are not physically in the classroom.
    Benefits for businesses
    • Companies can reduce costs and time wasted due to attendees travelling to and from meetings/conferences.
    • Companies can make decisions and resolve problems quickly and in a timely fashion.
    • Companies benefit from additional channels for providing services to their customers.
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