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AIS Corporate Office Phone


The AIS Corporate Office Phone service helps you to optimize the efficiency of corporate communications. It achieves this by enabling users of the service to utilize their in-house office telephone system to call out to other mobile phones via the AIS network, or to other long-distance landline numbers using our special AIS promotion. By simply connecting our Fixed Wireless Terminal equipment to your organization’s private automatic branch exchange (PABX) system, calls are cheaper than they would be with the regular landline or public telephone network (PSTN). In addition, your organization benefits from having additional telephone lines, but without wasting valuable time or resources installing new phone lines and cumbersome equipment. A single Fixed Wireless Terminal takes just one SIM card.

Service Features
01 Office phone lines can be used to call mobile or long-distance numbers at a reduced rate.
02 Easy installation and additional phone lines for immediate use.
03 Special promotional rates allow you to make calls at a reduced rate to other company mobile numbers using the AIS service.
Case Example
    A company has assigned its sales and after-sales service teams to call customers to offer new products and survey customer satisfaction. The company therefore chooses the Corporate Office Phone service so that employees of both teams can contact customers in an efficient manner at an affordable price.

    A company wants to set up an exhibition booth in an area where landline cables cannot be accessed. The company therefore subscribe to the Corporate Office Phone service so that its employees manning the booth are able to make calls and contact customers and partners with ease.
Benefits for businesses
  • Save costs on calls from office phones to mobile numbers and long-distance landline numbers using our special promotion.
  • The system is compatible with existing phone systems, and can therefore be used to add channels and/or as a backup in case of problems or failure, as you can easily switch over from one system to the other.
  • Enables companies to communicate even in areas where landlines are inaccessible.
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