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AIS Corporate Voice2U


Corporate Voice2U is a voice broadcasting service that enables you to send a pre-recorded message to your designated destination phone number or group of numbers at a scheduled date and time. When the call is answered, the system will automatically deliver the pre-recorded voice message and then disconnect the call upon completion. For your marketing purposes, the system also allows you to record the recipients’ responses to your voice broadcasting as the interactive feature allows them to press the number on their keypad corresponding to their chosen response. Corporate Voice2U is a cloud-based solution that works via web browser on:

Service Features
01 Suitable for sending updates, promotions, and information on products and services to specific targets
02 Send surveys to specific targets for marketing purposes
03 Easily upload voice files to the system
04 Send to any type of destination phone number (mobile/fixed line)
Case Example
    Company A subscribes to Corporate Voice2U to send updates and promotions to a specific target group of customers.

    To survey customer satisfaction after providing a service, Company B employs Corporate Voice2U to garner feedback from its customers to be used for improving its service quality.

    Company C sends information to employees within its organization via Corporate Voice2U so that outsourced employees with no email account can still be updated.
Benefits for businesses
  • New effective channel for updating target groups on information, promotions of products and services
  • Save on the cost of communicating with target audiences
  • Fast and convenient communication
  • Building good relationships between organization and customers
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