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AIS Domestic Data Circuit (DDC)


Domestic Data Circuit (DDC) is a Virtual Private Network-based high-speed communications service designed to serve organizations with many branches and a need to integrate internal networks. The service enables the speedy, accurate, and secure upload and download of visual and audio data within the integrated network. DDC also offers various transfer rates, varying from 512 Kbps – 10 Gbps through the highly-trusted and reliable technology of TDM and MPLS platforms.

How AIS Domestic Data Circuit (DDC) can be used for activities


A variety of packages are available, depending on the type of network your organization is operating. We offer a choice of services to meet your specific business demands.

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Service Features
01 Choice of Gbps transfer rates for visual and audio data
02 A single-user based platform ensures downloading-uploading efficiency and greater security
03 Designed to be compatible with many applications such as Data, VoIP, Video Conference, etc.
04 Highly-flexible ability to change speed to meet your changing requirements
05 Technicians on standby at Service Centers nationwide
Benefits for businesses
  • Greater security and more stable data transfer due to being a domestic circuit
  • Application-compatible technologies increase competitiveness in a dynamic market
  • Able to change bandwidth quickly and conveniently when needed to ensure efficient and immediate communication
  • Ready to meet the demands of expanding your business or opening new branches with services available nationwide
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