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AIS eCatalog



eCatalog is a mobile application that gives your organization a direct channel for presenting your products and services to target customers. It also enables you to manage documents within your organization securely via the trusted and reliable AIS BizCloud web portal.


Service Features
01 Access corporate data anywhere anytime
02 Manage documents easily on the web
03 Security control via the Cloud management portal
04 Compatible with various file formats such as PDF, MS Office, Video, Apps and HTML5
05 Adjust the appearance or theme of eCatalog to suit your brand identity
06 Know the location of each salesperson presenting to or visiting a customer
07 Receive notifications when there are any updates
Case Example
    Your regional salespersons will receive continuous product and service updates conveniently and quickly from the company without the need to publish new catalogs. The updates can be performed easily on the Cloud.

    The eCatalog can also be used as an internal communication channel for employees within the company.

Benefits for businesses
  • Increase efficiency in presenting products or services in a more attractive way
  • Access corporate data anywhere anytime
  • Manage and update data easily
  • No need to worry about data not being updated
  • Implement security access control so as to manage the authorization rights of each individual user
  • Reduce IT costs due to the availability of this service on the Cloud
  • Promote a corporate image of modern communication and increase competitiveness
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