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AIS Enterprise Cloud is Infrastructure as a service for corporate clients designed specifically to meet the needs of medium to large corporations. With AIS Enterprise Cloud, we provide clients with a virtual machine computer subscription service Which including CPU, RAM, storage, and also firewall. We also provide clients with the flexibility to choose a package that best meets their specific needs. Clients can choose either a monthly service subscription or even a daily service subscription option for cases where clients need to increase their usage time for a shorter duration in order to support marketing activities. In addition to the standard packages where clients are able to use CPU, RAM and storage as needed, clients can also select from a wide variety of additional services that help to increase the efficiency of their cloud service. These additional services include the installation and configuration of security systems for cloud usage and services to help boost stability. In the event that an organization needs to use the cloud infrastructure from another location, they can also choose to use our service for data migration from the traditional server system onto the cloud system effectively and without any diverse effects to the client’s business operations. All this and more is provided by our expert AIS team members.


What is VMware NSX

VMware NSX is a Network Virtualization Platform that allows an entire network management system on the cloud virtual machine to be managed completely in software configuration, making it possible to create and manage virtual networks independent of any underlying hardware. It can also provide a wide variety of logical networking services, including logical switches, routers, firewalls, load balances, VPN and workload security, allowing for more operational flexibility and greater speed.

1.png Security Security Because of its design, each individual client using a virtual machine will also have their own NSX Firewall Security system. This provides greater security for each client’s virtual machine and reduces the risk of repercussions in the case of other virtual machine users experiencing usage problems. 2.png Efficiency Efficiency Since there is no need for additional integration or software installation, work timeframes are reduced from weeks to only minutes for installation or modification of network systems, load balance and other features within the capabilities of NSX. 3.png Seamless & Accountability NSX technology allows various features that are used on a virtual machine, such as security policies, network routing, load balancing, etc., to work together seamlessly and continuously, as they all use the same VMware Technology. This also means that problems can be determined and solved more easily than if these features were accessed from a variety of service providers. 4.png Integrate with Third-Party Products NSX provides easy integration with third-party products, such as Deep Security from Trend Micro, or Next-Gen Firewall from Palo Alto, as well as many others.
Benefits for businesses
    Why AIS Enterprise Cloud?
  • Accountability
    One-stop Cloud Service Provider
    AIS is an end-to-end cloud service provider. With cloud infrastructure, internet connectivity and mobile services all provided by AIS, clients benefit from more efficient and seamless services at all times.
  • Reliability
    Certified ISO 27001
    The AIS Enterprise Cloud operates at a carrier grade data center certified to ISO 27001 standards, with cloud service standards delivering 99.99% uptime SLA guaranteed, which is the top cloud service standard today.
  • Security
    VMware NSX technology
    AIS is the first cloud service provider in Thailand to bring the latest cloud security service technology from VMware NSX to corporate clients, allowing corporations’ IT departments to safely and more quickly configure and manage their cloud systems.
  • Cloud Effectiveness
    Total Business Solutions
    The wide range of services offered by AIS Business Solutions help to improve and advance business operations. Whether it be IT services, services for optimization of communications, services to enhance marketing effectiveness, or other business-specific services, all of these services help organizations achieve greater efficiency of cost management in their business operations.
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