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AIS Enterprise Mobility Management


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a service that allows organizations to manage the use of mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) within their organization in order to increase usage efficiency. This is especially effective for organizations operating a wide variety of mobile devices with extensive capabilities, as it addresses the greater need for such organizations to control and regulate the appropriate usage of those devices according to corporate policies. EMM helps to reduce the risk of loss or damage to the organization arising from possible inappropriate use by employees.


How AIS Enterprise Mobility Management can be used for activities
Outstanding Features
The organization’s system administrators can use EMM via their web browser to manage mobile device usage in the following 3 areas:

International-Private-Leased-Circuit-(IPLC)1.png  1) MDM (Mobile Device Management)– Mobile device usage

  • Easy and convenient management of the organization’s mobile device inventory.
  • Lock / unlock lost mobile devices directly from the mobile device administrator’s monitor.
  • Make all mobile devices password protected.
  • Manage and set device settings, such as email, Wi-Fi, VPN, etc., directly from the administrator’s monitor.
  • Identify the location of a mobile device that needs to be found.


    International-Private-Leased-Circuit-(IPLC)2.png 2) MAM (Mobile Application Management) – Application usage

  • Create your organization’s own AppStore where employees can download the organization’s applications directly.
  • Set policies for application usage, for example, the inability to install or use certain applications, etc.
  • Create a container for company applications, in order to prevent data leakage during use.
  • Delete applications and corporate data and information in case of lost mobile devices / mobile device replacement / employee resignation.


    International-Private-Leased-Circuit-(IPLC)1.png 3) MCM (Mobile Content Management) – Content usage

  • Establish policies governing access to company information, such as email, SharePoint, etc.
  • Establish policies for accessing information, for example, access via designated organization applications only, no copying, etc.
  • Email attachment encryption. (Email attachments encryption)
  • Use the special EMM browser to access websites within the organization.
    Case Example
      A pharmaceutical company has tablets for their sales team to use when making presentations of their products to customers. These tablets contain important product information, for example, the difference between sales price and cost price, information on comparisons with competitors, etc. The company can therefore protect each tablet with a password to be entered every time the device is accessed, in order to prevent unwanted third party access to such information.


      A salesperson loses a tablet and reports it to the company. The company administrator searches for the location of the machine and finds that it has been stolen. For the security of company information, therefore, the administrator locks the device and deletes all important company information from the device immediately.
    Benefits for businesses
    • Organizations can allow their employees to use their own personal mobile devices in company work.
    • Increased confidence in the security of sensitive company information.
    • Improves work efficiency by enabling administrative control of employee mobile device usage within the organization.
    • Prevents possible damage to the organization via the inappropriate use of mobile devices.
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