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AIS Mobile DVR (Smart Vehicle Management)


The Mobile DVR service is a a complete IP-based mobile video surveillance solution that allows you to record video as well as real time monitoring via the AIS mobile network. This is achieved by installing cameras and recording video onto DVR machines located in vehicles. These DVR machines can then send videos to be saved on the Cloud DVR Server as well. This service also allows view at any time via the Mobile App through the comprehensive AIS network coverage throughout Thailand.
   MDVR Solution offers a complete IP-based mobile video surveillance solution, Real –time monitoring over AIS Network

•Video is recording and stored locally in MDVR device which can be optionally uploaded of event to store in MDVR Server Cloud via AIS Network.

•Real Time monitoring with web portal or mobile APP.



Service Features
01 High-quality equipment with UL standard certification from the USA, designed especially for vehicle usage.
02 A full range of functions, designed to meet specific business needs.
03 Convenience and confidence from a comprehensive range of services delivered from a single service provider, including equipment, equipment installation, after-sales service and data packages.
04 No investment needed. Convenient with a simple monthly fee.
Benefits for businesses
  • Ability to monitor driver behavior, such as speeding, drowsiness, deviation from the intended route and mobile phone usage while driving, helping to reduce costs and risk of accidents.
  • Increased confidence and increased selling points in goods transportation services, or in the transport of passengers and tourists.  
  • Helps to prevent fraud in the transportation of goods or passengers.
  • Provides evidence, both audio and visual, in the event of undesirable incidents, such as accidents, theft, etc.
  • Can be used to study employee behavior while on the job, in order to improve the efficiency of your organization’s services.
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