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AIS Mobile PBX



The AIS Mobile PBX service has been specifically created to meet the communication needs of modern organizations by transforming the mobile phone into a virtual corporate office that can be used even when you need to carry on your business from outside the office. The Mobile PBX service acts as a virtual private automatic branch exchange (PBX) for your mobile phone, and helps to facilitate business, saving time and reducing costs that would otherwise be spent on the installation of traditional PBX equipment at your office or organization.

With the Mobile PBX service, customers will need to subscribe to a phone number in the AIS 3G system. This assigned number will then be used as the central phone number for your organization, serving as the Mobile PBX in place of the traditional PBX system. The system then forwards external calls to a designated employee’s mobile phone using their designated extension number instead of directing calls to the office phone.


Service Features
01 If your company or organization needs to move office, you do not have to change all your company phone numbers.
02 Select the automatic welcome and menu sounds that customers press to connect to their desired services.
03 Choose your preferences for automatic call transferring to phone numbers within the group.
04 Select individual extension numbers for the mobile phone numbers of employees for added convenience in communication between company employees.
05 Configure call forwarding for off-hours and weekends to be on a different setting from that of normal office hours.
06 Set up call forwarding with line hunting, so that the call is passed from one phone number at a time to the next.
07 Employees can transfer customer phone calls to other employees in the company (transfer between extensions).  
08 The operator (call attendant) can manage calls from customers on a monitor screen.
09 A voice mailbox feature enables customers to leave a message in case their call is not answered; the message can then be accessed from the web page.
10 Conversations can be recorded with the Voice Logger feature to support businesses requiring the use of such data, such as call centers, etc.
11 Your company’s telephone usage reports, such as outgoing phone calls, the amount of calls that have come in, etc., can be viewed via MPBX.
Case Example
A company is looking to expand and open new branches, but does not want to invest in the traditional PBX systems due to the fact that there will be smaller branches with few employees. The company can choose to use the MPBX service instead as a viable alternative.

A company wants its customers to be able to contact the company sales and marketing team; the company can choose the MBPX service to enable its customers to be automatically connected to the mobile phones of the company’s sales personnel.

A company’s call center staff can answer and receive incoming customer calls, even when they are not in the office.
Benefits for businesses
  • No need to invest in the purchasing and maintenance of traditional PBAX (PBX) phone systems.
  • The mobile PBX system is faster and easier to install than the traditional PBAX (PBX) system.
  • Increased convenience in doing business with customers.
  • Reduces the costs of phone calls within groups of employees using the service under the same main phone number.
  • Increased marketing opportunities for teams who need to be on the move and/or are not in the office fulltime.
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