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Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP)




This service provides enterprise with peace-of-mind in employee mobile device usage. There are currently a wide variety of mobile applications available to which mobile users tend to install them without awareness of the risks that can arise from such applications. This includes the risks associated with connecting their devices to public Wi-Fi networks where data might be intercepted by MITM (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks. That means corporate information is constantly at risk of data leakage to outside parties, potentially causing damage to the organization and its business.

The AIS Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP) service will help to prevent these risks by analyzing the risk / threat from devices on which users have installed applications, and will provide an assessment to users regarding whether their device contains an application that is vulnerable to threats or not. If it is, the level of the risk (high, medium or low) would be determined by evaluating the behavior of the device applications. For example, game applications that retrieve data from email messages on the device will display as a high-risk, as email is not likely to be related to the functions of a game application. From the assessment, mobile users can then take steps to uninstall at-risk applications from their device.

Service Features
01 Examines the behavior and operation of various applications and programs as soon as they are installed or updated on a device.
02 Evaluates the level of risk to the device and provides this information to the user.
03 Differs from normal anti-virus programs which only examine the virus signature, which may or may not have been updated.
04 Actual operation examination is carried out on the cloud and then reported back to the device, thereby having no effect on device performance.
05 System administrators can use the admin console for easy management.
06 Works with MDM/EMM (Mobile Device Management/Enterprise Mobility Management) systems as well.
07 Compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.
Case Example
    An insurance company provides tablets for sales employees to use in their work and needs to prevent leakage of company information. The company therefore applies for the Mobile Threat Prevention service to safeguard it from risk, allowing the system to detect any abnormalities in any applications later installed by employees on the tablets.
Benefits for businesses
  • Companies can have greater confidence in the security of corporate data and information stored on mobile devices than when they only employed antivirus programs.
  • Companies do not need to invest in an actual threat prevention system themselves, as it is available as a service on the AIS Cloud.
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