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AIS Mobile Wallboard


Mobile Wallboard is an application developed to enable mobile phone users to take photos and videos, and to update a wide variety of details to Back Office in real time via the new AIS 3G network. This service is perfect for businesses that conduct a lot of their dealings outside the office and send information back to their central headquarters, or for companies which want access to immediate and up-to-date information.

Case Example
    The insurance business sector – Users will have the capability to upload photographs of accident scenes, including details of vehicle registration, to a central location in order to facilitate direct and immediate insurance claims by customers.

    The construction and real estate sectors – Still and video images can be uploaded to show the progress of various construction projects, including private housing projects for individual home owners, thus enhancing customer confidence and satisfaction.

    Trading sector and trade groups – Photograph and video footage can be uploaded in order to showcase various products and monitor competitors’ products on the market. Goods and products can be displayed for the benefit of market analysis and increased competitiveness and profitability.

    Media agencies and event organizer companies – Marketing activities can be photographed and videoed on-location and in real time as a valuable tool for reporting to and updating clients.
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