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AIS Smart Messaging


Smart Messaging is an SMS or MMS messaging service that operates via a website to a large number of target recipients. The Smart Messaging service is available in a 1-way mode that lets you send messages to recipients or a 2-way mode that enables you to send messages to and receive responses from recipients. This option is perfect for engaging target users such as by allowing them to vote, enter competitions/contests, send back messages, submit quiz answers and share questionnaire/survey responses. The 2-way messaging service is available in 2 options: SMS or MMS*. The Smart Messaging service can be accessed via the following website: (MMS* can be used only with text box, quiz (question-answer) or questionnaire).



How AIS Smart Messaging can be used for activities


The Smart Messaging service helps you to communicate with your target audiences in the following two ways:




1-Way Messaging: Send messages to any mobile number on any network.




2-Way Messaging: Engage your target users in a 2-way exchange of messages, including SMS or MMS* (MMS* can be used only with text box, quiz (question-answer) or questionnaire). The 2-way messaging option is ideal for obtaining responses through the following five activities:

  • Voting/Polls
  • Competitions/Contests
  • Text Box Messages
  • Quizzes (question – answer)
  • Questionnaires
    Service Features
    01 Send SMSs to any number on any network in Thailand
    02 Send SMSs to any number on any network in Thailand
    03 Assign quotas to individual users
    04 Use the phonebook feature to send messages to recipients’ numbers quickly and easily
    05 Choose your sender name
    06 Choose different times to deliver messages
    07 Create a variety of campaigns to respond to messages
    08 Receive delivery status reports
    09 Send MMSs
    Case Example


      •  Send out information to customers
         Send out marketing activities, such as competitions, discount coupons (M-Coupons)
         Promote customer relationship management (CRM)
        Send out alarm messages, such as for an earthquake or fire
        Send out invitations to activities
        Get help for blood donations in the event of an accident
    Benefits for businesses
    • Choose to send SMS or MMS, even to target recipients in other countries
    • Convenient and time-saving means of communication
    • Save costs on advertising and public relations
    • Store and edit phone numbers conveniently with phonebook management
    • Enable recipients in the AIS network to respond to the messages immediately, such as confirming an appointment, activity or event. All messages can be traced.
    • Develop messaging schedules by setting the date and time for a single occasion or a regular basis
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