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AIS Corporate Internet


Corporate Internet is a high-speed internet service operated through leased lines for corporate clients who need a stable Internet connection 24/7 with unlimited data transfer capacity. The guaranteed speed options varies from 512 Kbps – 1Gbps, making the surfing experience of both domestic and foreign websites extremely fast and convenient.


Service Features
01 Access to the Internet via a domestic data circuit 24/7
02 Unlimited data transfer for uploading and downloading
03 Same speed for uploading and downloading
04 Excellent connectivity to multiple devices at once
05 Technicians standing by 24/7
Benefits for businesses
  • Uninterrupted Internet connection around the clock with unlimited data transfers
  • Ability to increase bandwidth easily and conveniently to meet your business needs
  • A variety of top-up packages to select from, such as Web Hosting, Mail Hosting, and Firewall.
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