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Integrated Backup as a Service

Integrated Backup as a Service powered by NetApp AltaVault is a total solutions service for organizations seeking to back up and store their data. Traditional data backup system, disk-based and tape format backup systems are costly, both in terms of storage and maintenance. Because of this, backing up data storage with a trusted cloud service provider is the preferred and more in-demand backup option of organizations in today’s digital age.



As a comprehensive cloud service provider, AIS is offering Integrated Backup as a Service as a new alternative for corporate clients’ data storage needs, enabling corporations to reduce costs associated with traditional storage equipment and to improve the efficiency of their data backup.

Benefits for businesses
    Three key features include:
  • Best Technology
    Best Technology for backing up data. The system is able also to perform deduplication and compression in order to save time and increase efficiency in data backup and storage. It also includes data encryption From the backup gateway to AIS Cloud Storage providing organizations with the confidence that important corporate data will be stored securely.
  • Best Connectivity
    Best Connectivity with connections between AltaVault appliances and the AIS Cloud Storage using AIS connectivity (Private link). This means that AIS is fully responsible for every aspect of the process, from the connectivity equipment to the cloud service itself.
  • Best Cloud Service
    Best Cloud Service because data backup is accomplished via the network into the storage system of a data center with safety certifications to ISO 27001 standards and with a 99.99% uptime SLA guarantee. This ensures that organizations can be certain their backed-up data will be stored accurately and be readily available as needed.
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