IoT Smart Manufacturing Solutions Powered by TCS

Transforming manufacturing into Industry 4.0, manufacturers need to streamline the design, engineering, marketing and distribution processes. Among the challenges, manufacturers need to find ways to optimize costs and gain a competitive advantage by delivering a differentiated customer experience amid a new global post-pandemic way of working.

IoT Smart Manufacturing Solutions Powered by TCS provides new product innovation, manufacturing operations excellence, supply chain transformation, security and safety management for workforce and customer experience management services across the value chain that help manufacturers increase productivity, allowing continuous production, environment-friendly as well as cost control.

IoT Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Powered by TCS

Smart Manufacturing

Increase productivity, continuity in production and lower maintenance costs

  • Predictive quality management
  • Remote monitoring & diagnostics
  • Predictive maintenance

Digital Twin

Possibility of combining the virtual and physical worlds by leveraging various technologies such as IoT, big data analytics, and real-time simulation techniques to re-engineer critical processes for human decision-making and to solve complex problems across industries.

Smart Workforce

Build resilience into your operations by creating a safe and trusted work environment. Monitor and control the workforce and workplace to avoid a shut-down of operation.

Energy Management

Optimize energy consumption by enabling real-time data and predictive analytics for decision-making to make a sustainable, energy-efficient, reducing energy costs and carbon-emissions.

Logistics Optimizer

Increase asset utilization, reduce costs, improve on-time deliveries. and reduce resource consumption with dynamic forecasting and planning based on AI and ML, integrated capacity management.


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